7 Tips To Prevent Hospitalization

The ultimate goal of home care is to stay at home and live comfortably for as long as possible. What most people don’t realize is that the comforts of home can also pose a danger as we age, and while home care can help us stay at home longer, we also want to do what we can to make our home safe and secure so that we stay out of the hospital.

Avoid the hospital

Here are 7 tips to help you stay out of the hospital and make your home safe to live in as you age, so that you can continue to enjoy life and continue making memories with your family where you’re best ones already live:

Physical Activity
Seniors tend to reduce their physical activity as they age, and unfortunately his leads to many issues that can cause hospitalization. Our article How to get back into fitness in your golden years gives some advice on how to keep active/get back into physical activity.
Nutrition also plays a big part in our overall health, and in keeping us out of the hospital. Many issues can be avoided by making sure to get the right levels of vitamins and nutrition every day. Read our article 4 senior nutrition needs to help you age gracefully.
Medication Management
When you get a new medication make sure to speak with your pharmacist about any side effects, how to properly take the medication, and any issues it may have with existing medication you are on. Your pharmacist has a history of your medications and is the most knowledgeable of what effects the drug will have.
Loneliness can have a strong impact on our health and motivation to stay healthy. You can help stay active and work out your mind with friends and family, which will help you stay young. Physical activity like dancing or going for walks are easy ways to socialize, or taking up a new activity/hobby at your community center will help. You can also book companionship visits with Care At Home Services to help you with this.
Home Safety/Reduce Fall Risks
Falls are one of the top reasons that the elderly can end up in the hospital and can be prevented in the home with a few easy changes to lifestyle and living arrangements. For more details give our article Fall Prevention In The Home a read.
Don’t Ignore Symptoms
Many seniors end up in the hospital from afflictions that could have been handled through early diagnosis and a round of medicine prescribed by a doctor. Many illnesses or issues share symptoms with aging, sore muscles, difficulty breathing, light headed feelings, and others should be checked by a doctor if they are persistent as the issue could lead to hospitalization if left unchecked.
Get your flu shot
As we are getting the flu takes longer to get over and has a stronger effect on our bodies. Luckily here in Canada, getting a flu shot is as easy as going down to your pharmacy for a free flu shot covered by MSP. It is recommended that seniors visit their doctors however to make sure that they are healthy enough to get the vaccine, and that if they aren’t that their family members and regular visitors get the vaccine to help prevent the spread of the flu.

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