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We offer full home care support and much more!

At Care At Home Services, we go above and beyond the basics in providing advanced approaches to home support. In additional to our home support services, you can choose from a complete range of reliable and compassionate companion care, personal care at home, or specialized care at home depending on your unique needs.

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Housekeeping & Laundry

Get back to what you love, we’ll handle the mess.

Vacuuming, dusting, polishing, cleaning and disinfecting are no problem to our professional caregivers. We can handle light housekeeping and heavy duty housekeeping clean-ups—no matter the size of the job, we’ll get your home sparkling clean and keep it that way. We’ll also take care of your laundry, machine and hand-washing, drying, and ironing where required as well as keeping your bed linen laundered and fresh.

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Shopping & Errands

Give us your list and we’ll take care of the rest.

When you can’t get out and about, we can take on shopping and running errands for you, so your life stays on track. Using either your vehicle, or our vehicle, we can manage household items inventories and keep your cupboard stocked with everything you need on hand. And while we out and about, we can take care of banking, dry cleaning, library runs and many other errands so you don’t have to. We can even pick up special gifts and greeting cards for friends and loved ones.

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Fresh, Gourmet Meals

Craving a great home cooked meal, look no further.

When you’re not up to preparing your favourite foods, we can do it for you. Whether you plan to eat alone, or invite friends, family members, or loved ones over to enjoy a meal together, our professional caregivers are adept cooks with the skills to prepare gourmet meals that will appeal to the most discerning of tastes. Our repertoire of meals is extensive, ranging from hearty soups, appetizing salads, wholesome casseroles, tasty entrees, and scrumptious deserts. You can arrange your next dinner party and we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

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Full-Service Pet Care

Your furry friend’s favorite partner.

Our pets bring us great joy and comfort and can become an integral part of our family. It can be heart-breaking when we cannot care for them the way we’d like to. We’re adept at walking dogs, grooming cats, feeding birds, getting your pet to and from the vet, administering medications, as well as giving your pet some well-deserved affection. When we’re around, you don’t have to worry about having to care for your pets alone; we’ll step in making it easier for you to keep your pets at home with you.

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Home Repairs & Gardening

Landscaping and maintenance are all in a day’s work.

It’s par for the course that homes require repairs from time to time. Cupboards that don’t close properly, toilets that don’t flush, washing machines that won’t spin—we’ve seen it all. And we have staff members who can take care of all kinds of home repairs and garden maintenance. We can trim grass, weed, plant, water flowers, and prune your garden so that it looks great the whole year round.

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Clutter Clean-Up

Declutter and destress with our team of specialists.

Facing de-cluttering a home can be daunting and stressful regardless of the severity of the untidiness. Our team of experienced extreme home cleaners understand the challenges of operation cleanup. Regardless of the nature of the mess, e.g., animals, food, books, furniture, we approach every home project with compassion and systematically sort through the contents with complete respect for your wishes. We never discard your property without your implicit approval, however if this is your wish, our service includes junk removal. We can inventory home contents, sort, categorize, and organize. When we have finished de-cluttering, you will be able to walk freely in your home, and it will be much easier to find items quickly.

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We go above and beyond the basics in providing advanced approaches to professional home health services. In addition to specialized care at home, you can choose from a complete range of reliable and compassionate home support, companion care, or personal care at home depending on your unique needs.

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