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Palliative Care: Enhancing Quality of Life and Managing Your Symptoms.

Your wishes, and those of your loved ones, are paramount as you near end-of-life; we understand that you may prefer to remain in the comfort and privacy of your own home as you prepare to die. Care At Home Services respects your wishes of dying at home, and that’s why we have a specialized, compassionate palliative care nursing team to ensure your comfort and dignity during the last phases of your life.

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About Palliative Care at Home

End-of-life care, also sometimes called home hospice care or palliative care at home, provides for your comfort, pain relief, reduced suffering and quality of life. It often calls for a specialized group of professionals to navigate the phases of your journey and your unique needs. We take many factors into consideration:

  • Relief of pain and other physical symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite and difficulty breathing.

  • Emotional support, listening, and answering questions.

  • Ensuring cultural, religious, and/or spiritual needs are fulfilled.

  • Ensuring that your own wishes are fulfilled.


Your Palliative Care Professionals

Care At Home Services, working with you and your loved ones, will bring together the supports you will need to provide the most gentle, pain free journey possible. Your dedicated group of professionals will be well educated on your personal wishes, and will provide support to you and your loved ones.

Our caregivers and end-of-life nursing professionals are understanding and compassionate to your and your loved ones’ situations. They are experienced and skilled at providing end-of-life care, together with a deep understanding of the stages you will experience.

Every palliative nursing staff member at Care At Home Services is carefully interviewed, screened, insured and licensed. When hiring we also look for many unique qualities to ensure our philosophy is consistently delivered and that your specific needs are met.

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We go above and beyond the basics in providing advanced approaches to professional home health services. In addition to specialized care at home, you can choose from a complete range of reliable and compassionate home support, companion care, or personal care at home depending on your unique needs.

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