Fall Prevention in the Home

This month is Fall Prevention month, a topic we take to heart at Care At Home Services. Falls are the leading cause of injury among older Canadians (Government of Canada), with 20 – 30% of seniors experiencing one or more falls each year, and 50% of all hospitalizing falls happening in the home. Care At Home Services have worked with various organizations to help decrease these numbers through studies and action.

Senior fall prevention

Here are some things you can do to help prevent falls in the home:

  • Wear good footwear
    Around the house make sure any slippers you wear have grips and that your shoes have non-slip soles and support your body well. Many falls happen because you lose grip on the ground below you, especially on tile, laminate, and hardwood floors.
  • Speak with your doctor
    Review your medications with your doctor to make sure that you are aware of any side effects that could cause falls. Many medications can cause dizziness, blurred vision, or tiredness, which can all contribute to falls around the home.
  • Stay active
    Work your core muscles and help maintain your balance. Simply taking a daily walk, or going dancing once a week can keep your core in shape and keep you on your feet. It doesn’t take much, as long as you take the initiative to stay active.
  • Use assistive devices
    These days there is no shame in using a cane or walker to get around. And in other cases you can use other devices to make getting around the house easier such as a walk in bath, stair lifter, toilet seat lifts, and many more items that can help reduce your risk of falling in the home.
  • Make adjustments around your home
    Get some help moving your furniture to make easier walkways in the home so that you have more direct lines from one room to another. Or rearrange how items are stored so you don’t have to reach as much, or walk as far to get common items. Simple changes can go a long way in fall prevention.

If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one about falling in your home, please speak with your doctor, or local seniors group about ways you can make updates to your home to help prevent falls. Our Senior Resource page is a great place to start. Or call us today at 1-866-982-2737 and speak with some about setting up an at home assessment today.

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