4 senior nutritional needs to help you age gracefully

As we age gracefully our bodies will begin to require slight changes to remain fighting fit. Here are 4 great ways to keep that youthful vigor in your step for years to come.

Vitamin B12

As we age, we require more vitamin B12, also called Cobalamin, that has a key role in our normal brain and nervous system functions as well as the development of red blood cells. This essential B vitamin can readily be found in fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and milk, making it easy to incorporate into your diet.


Fiber will not only help keep you regular, but also lowers your risk of heart attacks and heart disease. This combine with regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy and keep energy levels up. Most fruits and vegetables are packed with fiber and you can switch to whole grain breads for your toast and sandwiches.


Potassium has many functions in the body including regulating water balance and aiding in nerve conduction and muscle contraction. It also works at keeping your heart beat regular and in check.

Excellent sources of Potassium include beans, yogurt, sweet potatoes, clams, and carrot juice to name a few.


Calcium is most important for maintaining strong, healthy bones. When your diet is short on calcium, your body can absorb what is needed from your bone density, causing your bones to become more brittle and break more easily. As we age it takes more time and effort to recover from a broken bone and this can lead to further complications.

The best source of Calcium is dark leafy greens, almonds, and dairy. Alternatively, you can add a calcium supplement to your diet if you feel you are falling short.

Bonus: Combine this with Vitamin D to help fortify your bones, the best source is good old fashioned sun light!

specific nutritional needs of seniors

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