Why Exercising is Crucial for Senior’s Health

Are you or a loved one interested in improving mental and physical health? Stiffness is a favourite of no one, and so is the feeling of being constantly tired. Regardless of your age, exercise is important for everyone, and especially for seniors.

It is advised to begin everything in moderation, and to not try and strain or hurt yourself. Start with doing a little each day to get into a consistent rhythm. Grab your loved one and get them into the same routine as you! Once an effective routine is established, you and your loved ones will find it much easier to stay on “the grind” and reap the benefits of staying active.

In this blog post you can read about some effective exercises that can be done safely at home or out and about.

Chair Exercise: Core Strengthening

Core strengthening is vital for improving and maintaining both balance and stability. There are many chair exercises that can be done to promote a strong core. Plus, learning these exercises can potentially protect you or a loved one from falls or any accidents. There are several seated exercises that all work different parts of the body including, abs, lower back, glutes and more. Some of the most effective core workouts which do not require much movement include the following:

  • Arm + Leg Strengthening
  • Neck Stretching
  • Ankle And Foot Loosening
  • Shoulder Curls
  • Abdominal Breathing

Balance Exercise: Risk Prevention

As mentioned previously, falls and accidents are unfortunately common for seniors. Working on exercises to help prevent them is very helpful in keeping them safe. Every year, an estimated 1 in 3 Canadian seniors above the age of 65 incur a fall or accident, usually resulting in an injury. Fortunately, there are steps to take towards preventing an accident from happening. Here are some amazing balance exercises which are beneficial for everyone:

  • Tightrope Walk
  • Heel Toe Walk
  • Medicine Ball
  • Body Circles
  • Eye Tracking

Finding A Good Program For Seniors

What kind of exercise class is ideal for a senior? Naturally, the type of exercise will depend on the individual and their capabilities. Some people have been exercising for decades and are able to engage in multiple different workouts. Others may be less active and have finally decided to take it up for health reasons. The good news is that anyone can benefit from some form of exercise, and there is a form of exercise for everyone out there. Here are some examples of beneficial programs you and your loved ones can participate in together:

  • Yoga/Zumba
  • Water Aerobics
  • Cycling Class
  • Walking Groups
  • Tai Chi

The wonderful thing about these variations of exercise is that all levels of practice can be found online and can be completed in front of a television or computer. Simply search what type of exercise and the level you are looking for, and you are sure to find the exact content dedicated to you. The point is to begin, get warmed up, become consistent and try many different exercises until you and your loved one are in a complete and unbreakable rhythm! If you have more questions about senior activities or Care at Home Services, please contact our Customer Support Team; we’re always happy to help.

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