Why Bathing Assistance Is Often an Important Component of Home Care Services for Seniors

Why Bathing Assistance Is Often an Important Component of Home Care Services for Seniors

As individuals age, many aspects of daily life that were once second nature can become difficult challenges. Among these changes, personal hygiene tops the list, as limited flexibility, cognitive challenges, slippery surfaces, and a more injury-prone body can turn a once-routine activity into a dangerous event.

Some seniors may delay or forge bathing as a result, but this can lead to rashes, disease, and other ailments. Instead, opt for the smart solution of bathing assistance from at-home care nurses. These specialists assist seniors in numerous ways, including the following.

Minimizing the Chance of Accidents

According to the CDC, 80% of falls among older adults happen in the bathroom, making it imperative to modify the environment to ensure safety.

Bathing assistance for seniors dramatically minimizes the risk of accidents by providing stable support in a potentially hazardous, slippery environment.

Supporting Cognitive Changes

In addition to physical limitations, cognitive impairments such as memory loss can lead seniors to neglect their hygiene routine.

Individuals with conditions like dementia may forget whether they have bathed or struggle to remember the steps involved in the process.

Depression, which can be prevalent among the elderly given the myriad changes and losses they encounter, might also suppress the motivation for self-care activities like bathing.

At-home care nurses are trained to deal with all of these situations and can ensure seniors take care of their bodies, no matter the challenges they face.

If bathing issues are becoming a common place for you or a loved one, seeking assistance can be a prudent move. Contact the staff at Care At Home Services for more information.

Care At Home Services provides private-pay care allowing your, or your loved one, to maintain your independence in the comfort of your home.

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