What Seniors can do to keep safe from COVID-19

Practice Social Distancing

We understand that seniors and loved ones can often feel alone at times, depending on where they stay, but social distancing is the most effective and safest way to keep COVID-19 away from your loved ones. It has been constantly stressed as of recently to not be within face-to-face distance with seniors as it is extremely possible for a younger adult to unknowingly carry the disease. Seniors should not feel the need to maintain chores and errands at an unprecedented time like this, especially ones that require them to leave the house. Even if no one is available to help, many certain supermarkets and food companies are offering specific times where only seniors can shop, allowing them to create a safe environment beforehand. Stay away from large gatherings and crowds, especially public transport as COVID-19 is easiest to acquire from metal surfaces. Loved ones often need support when taking public transport and latching on to bars and handles can be one of the most dangerous things to do at a time like this.

Stay Updated with the News

The only thing news channels can talk about as of right now is COVID-19, and it is important to stay up to date with these current events. The more seniors tune in the more they can learn about the symptoms of the virus, where it’s being spread and newer ways to contract the disease. Looking for reports and updates by the World Health Organization (WOH) is important as well. Loved ones should familiarise themselves with guidelines and recommendations that are either government issued or noted by organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO). As an example, the WHO suggests that you should wash your hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, and sanitize when your hands are not visibly dirty. Staying on top of all new information and updates is just as important as staying away from others!

Remain Active And Maintain A Daily Routine

Keeping a daily safe routine is one of the best ways to remain both socially and mentally active while we experience the outbreak of COVID-19. Although the outbreak of COVID-19 can possibly affect routines of some seniors (as they sometimes depend on others), it is important to help your loved ones create a smart and safe plan for the coming time. Assure that everyone eats healthy, gets good sleep, exercises at home or in a backyard and takes medication at the proper time. Establish different ways to keep in touch with your loved ones and plan them activities so they don’t spend the majority of their days loafing around staying stationary. Lastly, if you or a loved one is prescribed to take medication, ensure that there will be enough stock for the time coming, perhaps help a senior by explaining this to a pharmacist for them.

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