The Top Spring Activities For Seniors This 2021

As the last of the winter snow melts away, the Spring season sun finally makes it return! Now that we’ve all officially weathered the dark and gloomy winter days, it’s time we prepare for all of the bright and sunny weeks ahead! 

The beauties of spring are unlike any other season. Fall and winter of course have their own set of wonders, such as the falling of autumn leaves and the serenity of winter snowfalls — and of course summer has its long days and warming temperatures. But spring, unlike any other season, brings with it a sense of optimism that can’t be found with any other season! The spring days literally only get better and better as temperatures warm up, leading right into summer!

Although this year is unlike any other, that doesn’t mean it can’t be any more amazing! While this particular spring season may not be filled with as many social gatherings as past years, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a million ways to take advantage of the longer days and warmer temperatures, all while staying safe and healthy. If you’re unsure of how you can kick-off your spring season, here are just a few of our favourite spring season activities for seniors!

How To Enjoy An Exciting And Safe Spring Season

Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

There’s no better way to welcome in the spring season than to take in the natural beauties of the great outdoors! We’ve covered various ways that seniors can work to improve their mental health, but the importance of fresh air and outdoor activity is something that we can’t seem to stress enough.

The outdoors provide a variety of health benefits for elders that simply can’t be replicated indoors. This includes:

  • Better Sleep
  • Decreased Anxiety
  • Increased Creativity
  • Better Health and Exercise
  • And much more

With stay-at-home protocols still in full effect, it’s important that you try to go outdoors as often as possible. Whether it be just for a quick afternoon stroll or simply sitting outside and soaking in the vitamin-D, the benefits are limitless when compared to just staying indoors.

Welcome Back The Birds!

The spring season also marks the return of many different species of birds. Bird watching is another exhilarating way to explore nature and enjoy the spring weather. For many individuals, bird watching is an entertaining pastime that allows you to indulge in light exercise, all while discovering new and exciting things in nature. Here’s a guide from Birds and Blooms with everything you’ll need to know for the season! 

Gardening For The Soul!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends at least 2.5 hours of moderate-intensity level activity per week for older adults — and gardening serves as the perfect medium for both physical activity and stress-relief. For many, this form of senior home care may be as simple as walking to the backyard, all while discovering a new-found passion and hobby. Gardening is an exciting challenge and provides a sense of accomplishment, as you’ll be able to tend to your crops well into the summer season. You simply can’t go wrong!

Don’t Forget To Follow Safety Guidelines

If you do choose to venture outside, it is beyond imperative that you take all COVID-19 safety measures into account. This includes the basics such as:

  • Avoiding busy hours where clusters of people may be to limit any sort of social interaction with individuals outside of your bubble.
  • Be sure to wear all personal protective equipment, including a mask and gloves;
  • Don’t forget hand sanitizer and to change your clothes once you return home!

For more senior care tips and advice, be sure to check out our other articles. We wish you the most amazing spring season!

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