The Best Smartphone Apps that Improve a Seniors Life

As more and more seniors embrace the smartphone, as well as other digital devices, the market for applications that target that age bracket has exploded.

There are several apps that should be on every senior’s phone or tablet including apps that provide security, those that help them stay in touch with loved ones, and ones that keep their lives organized.

the best smart phone apps for seniors

Here are the top apps that we think every senior should have:


This is a basic one, but can be a lifeline for seniors to connect with their families. No longer will you have to take a long trip to see your grandkids because with Skype, you can do video and audio calls from within the comfort of your own home. It also allows for text messaging when you don’t have time for a call.


Stay connected with friends and followers with ease. View photos and posts from your connections, as well as interact with all of your best friends and loved ones. Facebook is a great app for those seniors who have mobility issues because it allows them to stay engaged with their community, without physically being in the same room.

Red Panic Button

Similar to how Lifeline works, if a senior is on their own and needs emergency aid, they simply need to open the app and hit the red button.  Anyone that has been listed as a contact will be notified of the situation. The app will also send out your address to those on the list so they know where to find you.


This app syncs all your bank accounts and track your spending. With Mint, you can create a budget and set alerts that will warn if you start spending over your budget. It also offers a quick view that categorizes your spending so you can easily see where you spend the most money – groceries, restaurants, etc.

Tile app

Sick of losing everything? Tile solves that problem. With just a few of setup time, Tile can track all of your important personal items on one screen. It’s great for people of all ages, but especially seniors who are more prone to forgetting their wallet, keys, etc.

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