Caring Relationships

We recently had a visit from our client Bob W. in the office and had a chance to speak with him about his experience with Care At Home Services since he lost his leg in a motorcycle accident. Give the short video a watch and see why Bob loves his care team and Care At Home Services.

Transcript of our talk with Bob on July 18th, 2017:

CAHS: I know you tease the scheduling group a lot about various things and they tease you back.

Bob: They tease me back, yes. [Laughter]

CAHS: Tell me how that’s been like to have a resource like that.

Bob: Oh they’re friends more than just somebody on the phone. They’re all good friends.


Bob: I’ve had one, one major care giver for the last 5 months.

CAHS: Wonderful.

Bob: Before that it was Cathleen, who went on to another project. And Maird has been with me for over 5 months now. And she’s a friend, and a real good friend. She looks after me, tells me what to eat, what [pause] she’s a sweetheart. I have a good time with all the girls.

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