4 Tips for Making Homes More Accessible & Safe for Seniors

4 Tips for Making Homes More Accessible & Safe for Seniors

As we age, things that used to be simple can become much more challenging. Even activities we’ve done every day for years, such as showering or going up the stairs, can become difficult. That’s why our homes must evolve to meet our changing needs, so we can age comfortably and confidently. Here are four tips to make your home more accessible and safe.

1. Install Grab Bars and Handrails

One of the best ways to make your home more accessible is to install grab bars and handrails. Handrails can be placed in strategic locations throughout the house, such as along the hallways, near the entrance of rooms, or on stairways. Grab bars provide extra stability and support, making it easier and safer to move around your home.

2. Add Non-Slip Surfaces

Another way to make your home more accessible and secure is to add non-slip surfaces in areas that tend to be wet and slippery, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Creating a non-slip surface can be achieved through non-slip mats or installing flooring with a non-slip finish.

3. Increase Lighting

Poor lighting can be a safety hazard, resulting in falls and accidents for seniors with poor eyesight. You can increase the lighting in your home by adding additional windows and light fixtures or by upgrading to brighter bulbs. The added visibility will make it easier to move around your home.

4. Work With a Care At Home Nurse

Working with a Care at Home nurse can be a great option if you’re finding it difficult to manage day-to-day tasks. An at-home care nurse can help seniors with everyday tasks, like bathing, dressing, and grooming, and can also provide transportation to appointments and errands.

Making your home more accessible doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Follow the four steps in this article to create a safer and more comfortable environment for yourself, or your aging loved one. Contact Care at Home services to upgrade the safety throughout your home.

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