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4 Major Benefits of Personal Care Home Services for Calgary Seniors

Personalized home care can help seniors with everyday tasks while still allowing them to live comfortably in their own homes. Here are four major benefits of personal home care services for Calgary Seniors.

1 – We Support Independence with Minimal Assistance

In most cases, seniors can carry out a large percentage of their daily tasks. They also want to stay in their own home. However, there are a few things, be it cooking, cleaning, or medical needs, when assistance is required.

Nearly every day-to-day task can be handled by our home care staff. We provide a non-intrusive service that helps seniors maintain control over their life.

2- Decreased the risk of falls and injury.

Having a caring staff nearby will reduce the risk of falls and other injuries. Our staff is there to provide a helping hand when needed. If anything does happen, we can provide an emergency first response.

This is a great benefit to seniors who are at risk for falls that could result in serious injury.

3- We Help Seniors Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Our home care services can provide healthy meals that improve diet and reduce the risk of eating unhealthy food or skipping meals. Our staff can also help with physiotherapy or with physical activity tasks.

We can help seniors live a healthier lifestyle, which can lead to more energy throughout their day.

4 – We Manage Medications and Provide Nursing Care

Managing medication and having access to nursing care is easier with home care services. We can provide a daily reminder for when to take medication and perform daily nursing tasks. Our assistance helps seniors maintain their independence while taking care of medical needs.

As you can see, there are many benefits for senior care in Calgary. The Care at Home Calgary team can help seniors continue to live independently while ensuring that all their needs are covered. Contact us today to learn more.

Care At Home Services provides private-pay care allowing your, or your loved one, to maintain your independence in the comfort of your home.

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