World Health Day 2019: Preventive Care For Seniors

Each year, World Health Day brings awareness to a specific world health problem. This global movement is celebrated on April 7th under the leadership of the World Health Organization. This years’ key message is to bring health coverage to everyone in need without compromising other expenses they may have. Over the past decade, countries have come together to make significant health changes in low-income countries while increasing their commitments to provide universal health coverage. However, there are still millions of individuals who have no access at all to health care.

Fortunately in Canada the medical system is publicly, government and individually funded with various affordable insurance options. The current Canadian healthcare system implemented after World War II, was designed to address urgent issues rather than prevent illnesses. The reaction approach can be quite costly and, to some extent, ineffective in meeting patient needs, especially for seniors who need preventative care.

With the increase of health information readily available, individuals are feeling empowered to take a proactive approach to their health. Additionally, with technology continuously improving, there are more proactive care solutions available.

Six Ways to Implement a Preventive Approach With your Parent or Senior Loved One:

1. Regular Care Visits

Schedule appointments with your senior’s family doctor to discuss any changes in their health or to receive a referral to a specialist.

2. Medication management

Noting symptoms that your senior may feel from the medication given by the doctor.

3. Health Screening For Heart Attacks

Studies have found that fortunately we can control many of the factors that play a role in having a heart attack, such as eating habits, exercise, and stress management.

4. Dental Visits

The risk for cavities goes up with age, additionally many mouth infections are linked to serious health conditions.

5. Screen For Vision Changes

Reduce your senior’s chance of falling by getting the correct pair of prescription glasses.

6. Sleep Habits

Decrease the risk of high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes by implementing good sleep habits.

As a Care at Home service provider we value high quality health care while educating you and your seniors. Our care givers pride themselves on being the voice of your senior, empowering them to take care of their health and supporting them in enjoying their lives!

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