Why Canadian seniors are so happy

Our culture reveres youth and the young. We don’t see TV ads for beer where a group of friends in their 70’s are enjoying a beer after a hike or while sitting around a crackling summer campfire. But what if the reality is that Canadian seniors are happier than our young people?

A survey conducted recently uncovered results that might surprise you:

  • 64% of seniors, and 65% of older seniors reported that they feel happy with their lives
  • 53% of Baby Boomers (born between 946 and 1964) reported that they feel happy
  • 41% of Generation Xers (born in the early 60’s – early 80s) reported that they feel happy
  • 37% of Generation Yers (born in 1980’s – 2000), reported the same

The fact that the older Canadians are the generation that is happiest with their respective lives defies the ideas that many of us have about aging.

Two Canadian Seniors Smiling

Here are some of the reasons that Canadian seniors are having such a good time:

  1. They know themselves

To decide what you want your life to look like, you need to know yourself and accept your deeper truth. This isn’t about what you thought your life would look like post-50 when you were 20, and it’s not about what other people want you to do.

  1. Let go of bad things

To create your best possible life, you need to let go of what no longer serves or uplifts you, so you have the energy to pursue what does. As many seniors can attest, life after 50 can mean slipping the harness off career and family demands and letting yourself run free.

  1. Clear about what they want

There are many avenues you can go down to pursue what you want. Many people in their 50s and 60s invest in career opportunities or new hobbies not to achieve material success, but to achieve meaning. If you carry regrets from things done—and undone—in your earlier years, you have an opportunity to heal relationships and to make your life whole.

  1. They have urgency

Canadian seniors have urgency. They have wisdom and experiences over the years; and there’s no better time to move forward on projects that once seemed impossible.

It’s important to keep in-mind that accomplishing your goals for life after 50 may entail more than sheer effort. It requires a willingness to discover the way, which may lie outside of what you currently know. The road to happiness often requires curiosity, openness, and flexibility. But, remember, you’re not over the hill; you’re at the top of the mountain.

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