The Strawberry Tea Event

At Care At Home Services, we believe that being involving seniors in the community is an important step towards improving their mental and physical health, as well as fostering meaningful connections and building friendships. That’s why each year, with the help of the Surrey municipality, we host an event specifically orchestrated for this purpose. Strawberry Tea is a yearly event put on at the Cloverdale Recreation Centre that draws over 500 seniors from the community together. This popular event features live entertainment and activities that are tailored to seniors. From 11am – 3pm on July 1st, come by and have some tea and strawberry cake with local seniors.

3 Reasons These Events Are Important

1. Mental Health

Strawberry Tea is important for a few reasons. First and foremost, events like these put a positive spin on a seniors day, helping to improve their overall mental health. Keeping seniors happy is a key aspect of what we strive for at Care At Home Services, because we know just how important that is. Seniors can feel isolated if they spend all their time at home, and events like these are a great way to get them involved in the community and conversing with their peers.

2. Physical Activity

It may not seem like much, but getting out for a walk can make a big difference in seniors overall health. Even just 30 minutes a few times a week of walking, yoga, or swimming can greatly improve the general health of a senior, and that in turn can lead to a longer, happier life. The added bonus of this exercise is it helps keep issues like heart disease and stroke at bay.

3. Reducing Stress

Seniors have a lot to worry about these days, and stress can play a big factor in health issues, both reoccurring and new. While this could fall under the above “Mental Health” point, it is important enough to mention on its own. Keeping seniors engaged and excited in their lives will greatly reduce the stress that they carry. Not only does conversing with their peers and friends help, but so does exercise. Events like Strawberry Tea do wonders to keep seniors enjoying an exceptional quality of life.

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