The Importance Giving Seniors Freedom

In a traditional senior home, seniors are programmed to live by a strict schedule. There is a set time when they have to get up in the morning, a set time for them to dine, and a set time for them to socialize a little then head back to rest. For someone who has been independent for the majority of their lives, this change in lifestyle can be very hard to adjust to.

Senior care does not necessarily have to be this way. As these elders have been making decisions for themselves for the majority of their lives, it is reasonable to grant them more freedom in choosing how to schedule their days and allow them to spend it however they wish.

It has been reported that happiness in seniors increases drastically when given the freedom desired. The question then becomes: How do we keep our loved ones happy, while still providing them the care they need in which senior homes are known to provide?

Seniors Are Saying Their Rights Are Being Denied

One survey which sampled seniors across North America reported that independence is among many of the top contributing factors of happiness in a senior’s list of priorities. To them, independence means “the freedom to decide for themselves,” and “the autonomy to do as one please[s], without being controlled by anybody.”

Many seniors have reflected that since being put in a senior home, they have little to no control over their own finances and feel like their opinions are not being valued enough from the people around them. They’ve also said that living in an institutional space has made them feel as if people are interfering with their lives and preventing them from doing as they please.

We didn’t know better back then. Many of us thought that by putting our loved ones in a senior home, they would be able to indulge in a community of many others alike them, bonding over tales of their lives while being served by 5-star caretakers. While the level of freedom and care given to seniors vary across every senior home, it surely makes you wonder whether your loved one is truly getting the lifestyle he or she deserves.

The Care At Home Solution

Consider another alternative. Empowering seniors with complete freedom in the comfort of their own homes, while giving them the sufficient care they need. This may sound too good to be true, but it really isn’t. With so many home care services now slowly taking over the shares of senior home usage, it is becoming more and more common to keep loved ones comfortable at home while providing them the assistance they need. Seniors provided home care assistance do not have to abide to a schedule of any sort, aside from a reasonable bed time for health reasons, if anything.

Sounds enticing? Perhaps so. However, just like senior homes, the degree of service provided by different home care aides vary across the market. At Care At Home Services, each and every one of our care aides make it their personal goal to treat every senior and person in need with the utmost care and comfort. If you are interested in switching your loved one out of a senior home, or are just looking for care assistance in general, schedule a free, obligation free consultation with us today.

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