The difference between private and public home care

We get this question quite often from new clients and their families when trying to decide what the best options for care are. We are very lucky that Canada has a top tier public health care system to support everyone who needs medical assistance and care. But the unfortunate fact is that the system does have limitations on the amount and frequency of care provided. Many specialists have long wait times and limited time the can give each day and each year. And with an aging population this is only going to become more strained in the coming years.

But everything is not doom and gloom when it comes to getting comprehensive health care and there are many private options to alleviate the strain on the public system and provide affordable, comprehensive, and personalized care to Canadian Seniors.

Home nursing is the best

Some things to consider when trying to decide whether to supplement your, or your loved one’s health care with private options include:

  • The level of personal care: While there is no question that everyone in the healthcare industry cares for their patients, in the public health care system you are not guaranteed to have the same nurse visit you twice or be able to develop a personal bond like you can with the team at Care At Home Services.
  • Amount of time devoted: As mentioned, the public system is strained with demand. This means that the amount of time for each visit is shorter than in the private system and the amount of visits per week can be less. At Care At Home Services, we build a schedule around the care you need to make sure
  • Flexibility of care: Care At Home Services have a 24/7 call center incase you need anything at any time, with the ability to provide you care for a few hours or round the clock
  • Going above and beyond: You’ll also find that the care is above and beyond with us. We match you or your loved one with Nurses and caregivers based on very specific criteria to make sure it is a great match every time, and ensure you’re not just getting the very best care, but someone you can become friends with at the same time.

For public provided services we have a great Senior Health Resources section with many different resources to help you.

If you have any concerns or would like some help living more comfortably at home, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-982-2737 and speak with some about setting up an at home care assessment today.

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