The Best Ways To Connect With Your Loved Ones During The Covid-19 Pandemic

With new technology being constantly introduced in today’s world, it is often argued seniors have a tough time keeping up with the latest social platforms. While that may be true, now could be the perfect period of time to have a seat and connect with the ones you love most, whether in person or by teaching them how to do so remotely. There are a number of unique methods for you and your loved ones to easily connect, whether it’s via voice chat, video chat or even text chat.

Here are some of the best platforms and methods to connect with seniors if you aren’t able to visit them during these unprecedented times.


FaceTiming your relatives and loved ones is a very common thing nowadays – it is now widely used for ages ranging from elementary students to senior executives. Nothing is better than having meaningful conversations with clear video and audio quality. The sole downside of FaceTime is that it is only offered on Apple products, meaning both you and your loved ones must have Apple devices to connect. Aside from that, as long as both recipients have a WiFi connection and a few moments to spare, seniors can connect with and keep you company for as long as you stay online.

A Simple Phone Call

A phone call between you and a loved one is the most traditional and reliable way to connect and engage. Although you miss out on the facial interaction that FaceTime offers, speaking over the phone allows you to effortlessly connect with the ones who matter most during these unprecedented times. Any decent phone with a working cell plan is all that is required to easily speak with seniors from nearly anywhere in the world. This is the oldest and yet most reliable method in the book to give mom and dad a call!


Very similar to FaceTime, Skype is an application that allows you to either video or voice call with only a WiFi connection. With that said, there comes both positives and negatives. The good part about using video chat apps like Skype is that they are not company exclusive and have just as good video and voice quality as FaceTime. The disadvantage of Skype is that it requires users to create accounts. For most, this is not too difficult, but some seniors may have trouble or lack the tech know-how for doing so. If this is something you want to arrange with a loved one, consider briefing them through the instructions over a phone call before commencing.

While most of us are living in difficult times, unable to meet or interact with our loved ones in person, technology offers us many useful alternatives. There are many apps and variations of connecting with seniors at the touch of our fingertips, so make sure to explore your options!

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