The Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Seniors 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This year, the holiday season brings some much needed cheer for our rollercoaster of a year! And while the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines are looking more and more optimistic each day, this year, many friends and families are still going to have to spend this holiday season socially distanced or from afar.

December marks a time for giving, and today’s climate has definitely made gift decisions for your loved ones much more difficult than past years. A great gift should be cognizant of senior care and should be something practical that grandma and grandpa will actually use or see value in! To take away some of the stress, we’ve gathered our top gift picks to ensure that your present says “I love you”.

A Great Present Should Shows How Much You Care About Your Loved Ones

With the wisdom that your loved ones have attained over their lifetime, it’s important to remember that a great gift does not entirely depend on the monetary value shown on its price tag. For many, a loving present comes from the heart; a gift that provokes an emotional connection or positive memory! With that in mind, here are our top picks for this holiday season!

1 ) Handmade Art and Crafts

Nothing says “I love you” more than a one of a kind piece of work, made with your own hands! This doesn’t mean that you have to be a Picasso of paintings, but your time and effort invested into making a homemade present may often mean much more to your loved ones than something purchased off Amazon; especially if it’s made by the grandkids!

We recommend you get creative and really think outside the box when deciding on creating a handmade gift! Whether it be a heartwarming poem or meaningful photo book of memories, you truly can’t go wrong!

2 ) Technology For Pure Luxury and Comfort!

Today’s market provides thousands of affordable and reliable home care products that may be exactly what your loved ones never knew they needed. Technology has made luxury, convenience, and comfort more accessible than ever before, and with pandemic lockdown restrictions still in place for many, these high-tech devices might just make for the perfect gift! Here are some of our favourites:

3 ) Time and Company

The best gift of all is often just being able to spend some time with your loved ones. Whether it be going out for an afternoon stroll to enjoy the fresh Winter air, or sitting down for a board game and puzzle, the best way to say “I love you” is often by being present and saying it yourself.

Nonetheless, while the pandemic has made in-person contact more challenging, investing in a technological tablet of sorts for your loved one is a great alternative to in-person socializing. This is a safer option than physical interaction and also provides a myriad of ways to keep your loved ones entertained when you’re not around!

These are just a few of our favourite holiday gift ideas, but we know that no matter what you decide on, your loved ones will appreciate it! From the Care At Home Services family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holidays!For more tips and advice on how to make the most of the holiday season with your loved ones, be sure to check out our other articles!

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