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Sheli R. – Our Client

Early 2017, I fell and had a terrible ankle fracture shortly after the passing of my mom. Being a busy mom of a young child, career woman, and still grieving, it was really hard to process the thought of becoming dependant for a few months post surgery with a long recovery ahead. I can’t express the fear, worry, and lack of confidence I felt about my recovery. Then my husband suggested Care at Home after seeing a sign while driving. Life changed after I met CN the nurse who started supporting me with my recovery one week post surgery. She was compassionate, caring, kind, real. CN listened to my fears, helped me regain my confidence gradually knowing just when and how much to push. Her knowledge and care to detail only increased my trust and respect for her. She helped me through recovery complications, came to my appointments, and was just there to listen when I needed to vent or cry about my progress and made me laugh. It felt like she was family.

I am so grateful to you CN for your support, encouragement, care for me as a whole person beyond my injury. You helped me regain my confidence and get strong emotionally and physically. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’d like to extend my review to the Care at Home Team. My experience with the care aide BG, the entire Office team was always positive and they went out of their way to support my recovery by being flexible with scheduling and in answering any questions.

Care at Home will always have a special place in my heart.

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