Senior Mental Health Awareness

This week is World Mental Illness Awareness Week. In the last few years Canadians have made great strides in discussing and recognizing mental illness, but it is still a big issue for many that goes untreated or undiagnosed due to social stigmas and lack of awareness.

Dementia and Depression are two of the biggest mental health issues facing the elderly. An estimated 47.5 million people worldwide suffer from dementia, and 7% of the general elderly population over 65 years old suffer from depression*.

Depression is prevalent in seniors after moving into care homes or long term stays in the hospital, when they can end up spending a lot of time by themselves. The earlier this is detected the sooner it can be treated, either with medication or counseling services.

Senior mental health

Treatment and care are key for both those suffering from the disorder and for those that care for them. Some key things to consider include:

  • Early diagnosis to start a well thought out care plan
  • Getting supportive counselling to help manage mood, and assess further issues
  • Identifying any physical problems that may increase health risks
  • Have a discussion with your family physician about any prescriptions that can help

Take a look at our Senior Resources page to find support in your area, or give us a call today at 1-866-982-2737 to discuss care and support options for you or your loved one.


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