June is ALS awareness month

We had a chance to sit down with Wendy Toyer, the Executive Director at ALS Society of BC, to find out some of the things happening this June for ALS awareness month. Give the video a watch and visit http://www.alsbc.ca/ to find out more about ALS and how you can volunteer or donate to help find a cure.

Transcript of our talk with Wendy Toyer on June 14th, 2017:

“June is our busiest fundraising month in by far, in BC there’s over 100 events. You know it’s really quite astounding when you see the amount of work that volunteers put into events. But also we’re finding foundations and grants tend to flow in with the June initiative too.

We’d love to see that happen year round but having ALS awareness month and having our province support us by lighting up those landmarks for example. The entrance to the parliament buildings, BC Place, the harbor centre, Science World. They all turn their lights purple for us and one of the neatest shots was just at sun set, looking at BC Place, Science World and all the water looked purple. So, and purple being the colour associated with ALS, so that kicked it off.

We had Victoria on the 3rd of June, flower day, which is similar to Poppy day for Remembrance day, except our flower is the Corn Flower. And at 20 shopping centres in Victoria the volunteers were out, giving out Corn Flower’s for donation and they raised $10,000 for research.

You know so there’s so many things like that going on, 3rd party events, BC Tree Growers are having a golf tournament. Everybody is there to help us so it’s really heart warming for me to see so many people coming together.”

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