How to broach the topic of home care for an elderly parent

A Question of Senior Care

Aging is a natural process that everyone has to go through, and it often results in changes to our body, mind, and care requirements. Many families with elderly parents struggle to find an appropriate long-term care solution for their requirements, due to guilt, lack of options, and proximity concerns.

One solution for elderly care that has rapidly grown in popularity recently is at-home care. The challenge with at-home care is bringing up the topic and facing the backlash and potential refusal of help. If you are interested in at-home care for your elderly parents, here is how we suggest broaching the topic.

Focus on the Benefits

Always start your discussion by focusing on the benefits. At-home care services are highly flexible, and treatment can range from small tasks to around-the-clock care. Use flexibility as an advantage and highlight how at-home care services can assist with the tasks they do not want to do.

Whether that is getting groceries, picking up medication, or having assistance with stretches and exercises, at-home care is there for whatever an elderly parent needs. The goal of at-home care is to support an independent and healthy lifestyle.

Listen to Their Wishes and Provide Information

Dealing with change is hard for people of all ages, and seniors are no exception. Before you decide between in-home care and a full-time care facility, take the time to sit down with your parents and fully understand their wishes. Learn about what they are struggling with and then provide information on how in-home care or a nursing home can remedy these issues.

It is also helpful to provide information about the at-home care provider you are considering. For example, go through the website together or set up a consultation with the staff to fully understand what services they offer and how the process will work.

Opting for at-home care services does not need to be life-changing. With its flexibility and numerous benefits, it can go a long way in supporting your independence throughout your golden years.

Care At Home Services provides private-pay care allowing your, or your loved one, to maintain your independence in the comfort of your home.

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