Learn how Physical Therapy can help seniors stay healthy

Physical therapy is a great way to maintain your vitality and stay feeling young as you age. Not only does it help individuals recover from an injury or accident, it can also ease the symptoms of many age related issues including arthritis and stroke. Physical therapy will also lessen the threat of losing independence, pain when performing everyday tasks, and the use of limbs and extremities.

Before you start reading this article, please remember: you don’t need to be hurt to go to physical therapy! It’s recommended that anyone experiencing pain or feeling like they’re losing energy or flexibility may be helped with some physical therapy.

The benefits of physio for seniors

This article will take you through some of the most common issues that physical therapy can help seniors with.

Symptoms of Cancer Treatment

Many cancer treatments cause the body to ache and feel less than 100%. Following any kind of cancer treatment, the right exercises can help reduce swelling and improve range of motion. Physical therapy can be what brings your body back after rigorous cancer treatments

Stroke Recovery

Physical therapy is incredibly important after a experiencing a stroke. Constraint therapy, in which the good limb is restrained while the weak or paralyzed limb is used throughout most of a day, it helps not only regain the use of damaged limbs, but restores confidence and independence.

Bladder Control

Exercising the muscles that control the bladder and working on knowing when to use the washroom are situations where physical therapy can be beneficial. With the help of physical therapy, you can locate the muscles that need the work, as well as understand how to plan your schedule.

Recovery from Joint Replacement

The goal of physical therapy after join replacement is to strengthen the muscles through exercise so that you may resume normal day-to-day activities as soon as possible. A physical therapist will provide instruction to help the patient carry out the correct exercises after leaving the hospital.


As a senior, it’s important to maintain your vitality. Physical therapy is one way of maintaining it over the long term. If you’re injured, recovering from treatment, or just feel like you need a boost, physical therapy is a great way to grow and live your best life!

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