How-to Clean your closet without pulling out your hair

Dreading digging into your closet to find your bathing suit? Your fall jacket? At this point, you probably couldn’t name half the clothes in your wardrobe if your life depended on it, let alone make outfits with all of them that you would actually want to go out in.

It’s especially important for older Canadians to keep their closets and clothes organized, as falls, frustration, and general disorganization can happen.

Care At Home Declutter Your Closet

Closets tend to get really busy and full over the year, but with a few easy steps you can stop that from happening!

  1. Take a quick picture of the “before”

Taking a “before” photo of how your closet looks before you reorganize it means that you can take an “after” photo of it after you’ve organized it, and then you can revel in your achievement.

  1. Use your bed to organize the contents of your closet

Try and create three groups of things, the first you will donate to a neighborhood charity, the second you will throw away or turn into cleaning rags, and the third is headed back from whence they came.

Remember that the point of cleaning out your closet is to transform it into a clean, pleasing space where you can easily find your clothing. Be merciless.

  1. Install shelves, lots of shelves.

If you do not have shelving in your closet, you should consider installing some. DIY stores have a variety of storage shelving at reasonable prices, or you simply can buy hanging shelves.

After you’ve created space for your sweaters and tops that will be folded, you need to hang up your dress shirts, dresses, pants and skirts. Although there are various ways to organize your clothing, keeping like things together seems to work best.

  1. Get some hangers

It is useful to have two hanging bars for shorter items, like shirts, skirts, shorts and pants and one bar for hanging longer items like dresses and finer suits. Of course, you will have to work within the space that you have.

When you have hung up all of your clothing, you may find that you have some shoes to deal with. Think about investing in a shoe storage system that slides directly under your bed.

  1. Take a finished photo

Snap that photo of your newly organized closet and smile widely as you compare it to the photo of the closet you used to have.

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