Fun Activities for Seniors this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic and anticipated days of the year. It is a day to cherish and appreciate your loved ones, no matter the age or relationship. Decades ago, it used to be a holiday for all ages, but fewer people now still consider seniors for Valentine’s day. For many, the thought of Valentine’s day means activities with your romantic partner, and the train of thought ends there.

However, bonding with a lover is just as important as a bond with a senior loved one, and this Valentine’s Day, consider dedicating it to the person most important to you. Below are 3 ideas for you to consider partaking in with your loved one this Valentine’s day.

1. Create a Festive and Decorative Environment

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that is inviting for you to spend time with senior loved ones. This Valentine’s day, consider spending time with your loved ones by dressing up and following the V-Day theme, and by making your surroundings just as festive as you! Create decorations with your senior loved one as well as putting them up around the house.

You can also participate in Valentine colouring events, create stained glass, chains of love, or cut out lots of hearts to decorate the home. Overall, your elderly loved one will likely appreciate the effort that goes into being festive, allowing you and them to connect on this special holiday.

2. Participate in Themed Games and Activities

Another idea to consider is the participation of theme games and activities. Valentine’s Day themed bingo or crosswords are a few fun and amazing ways to connect and sharpen the brain. Other activities include a casual potluck, card exchanges, sharing photos, and watching Valentine movies. Regardless of your choice, your senior loved one is guaranteed to appreciate the effort and enjoy the time spent with you.

3. Making Homemade Treats and Crafts

Valentine’s Day is one of the best occasions to express how creative one can be, and an even better one to bring the creativity out of your loved ones. Making themed treats and crafts is an excellent way to bond with that special someone in your life. These activities unlock both the creativity and teamwork for all parties involved. Some examples include heart cookies and cake, love toast, fruit kebabs, flower garlands, to more complex items such as Valentine’s Day mailboxes. The possibilities prove endless, and despite which activity you choose, chances are your company will prove to be the best Valentine’s Day gift for them.

Contrary to popular belief, being single isn’t an adequate enough reason to not celebrate a holiday such as Valentine’s. Instead, it could be thought of as a day to connect with family and loved ones, and an amazing day for seniors to be active around the house. Make sure that your senior loved one receives the attention they need this holiday!

If a loved one of yours needs assistance with basic day-to-day functions or help around the house (maybe even with setting up Valentine decorations), feel free to send our Care at Home Services specialists a message! We’ll be glad to get in touch and let you know how we can help out.

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