Five Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible for Seniors

Home Safety For Seniors

Are you or a loved one hoping to spend their golden years within the comfort of their own homes? With a bit of planning and adjustment, you can create a safe and comfortable environment at home.

Ditch the Stairs and Embrace Single-Level Living

As we age, dealing with stairs becomes a daily hassle. You can avoid this problem by moving the bedroom and bathroom to the ground floor. 

Implement Extra Grab bars and Handrails

Moving around the house can be tiring, especially if you have a large property. Installing grab bars and handrails, especially in slippery spots like bathrooms and hallways, can give you the extra stability needed to prevent falls.

Slip-Free Floors are a Must

Slippery floors are one of the biggest causes of accidents and can lead you to an emergency room. If you plan to live at home, consider non-slip vinyl or tiles, particularly in wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms. 

Increase The Lighting

As our eyes age and deal with cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration, it is important to give them a bit of extra support. Adding lighting to each room can make your home a safer and brighter space.

Hire a Care At-Home Provider

Having a nurse in your home provides consistent access to medical care while maintaining independence. This extra support goes a long way in making a home safer and more accessible for seniors.

Keeping your home senior-friendly isn’t just about safety; it’s about creating a comfortable, independent living space. And hey, we at Care At Home Services are all for it.

We’d love to help you with advice, support, and the best home care services that suit your personal needs. Get in touch with us today, let’s make those golden years truly golden!

Care At Home Services provides private-pay care allowing your, or your loved one, to maintain your independence in the comfort of your home.

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