Fall Season Tips for Outdoor Activities with Your Loved Ones

Winter Is Coming… sort of? While we may still be a few months away from the actual start of the Winter season, many regions of the world located in the Northern Hemisphere have already started to experience the cooler temperatures that accompany the Fall Season. Apart from the ever-changing colour of leaves as they fall and fade in pigment, Autumn can be beautifully deceiving.

While there honestly may not be anything more beautiful than taking in the crisp and refreshing Autumn air, it is important to remember that these colder months are often accompanied by the flu season.

Whether it be a family trip to the pumpkin patch or a simple nature walk under the Autumn foliage, we’ve got you covered with our top senior health and safety tips to ensure your Autumn season is enjoyed to the fullest with your loved ones!

Dress Accordingly For The Weather!

It’s getting cold outside, so dress accordingly!

As obvious as this may seem, it is imperative to remember that we are also in the middle of a global pandemic. While it may hurt to officially give up shorts-season, here are some key tips to keep in mind when dressing your loved ones for a cozy, comfortable, warm and safe Fall season.

1. Layering:
Because of the flu season and the weaker immune systems that the elderly are more susceptible to have, layering is going to be your friend! It’s always easier to take a layer off if things get a tad too warm, and it’s much better than wishing you had brought an extra sweater. Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) recommends at least a base layer, followed by a middle layer and an outer layer. Even if not all layers are needed, it’s always a great idea to bring them along for every outing.

Kira Rubtsova, PhD. says that general immunity decreases with age. This is why it’s important to arm your loved ones with clothing that will keep them both warm and dry. One simple garment that can prevent illnesses, such as hypothermia, is a toque or beanie, with 7%-10% of body heat being lost from the head alone.

2. Arm Yourself With The Proper PPE:
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a Fall season must-have and an integral part of senior care! Provided the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to have the basics, such as extra face masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitizer at the ready.

A reminder that while PPE may help reduce your chances of infection, PPE can not entirely prevent it. Nonetheless, they are a vital part of reducing the spread of viruses to others.

Be Strategic When Planning Your Adventure

Whether it be the pumpkin patch with the grandkids or just exploring a local trail for an afternoon stroll, there are some strategic plans you can make to ensure a safe Autumn adventure.

1. Check The Weather:
This falls hand in hand with taking preventative measures to avoid illnesses; it’s also a simple way to avoid a spoiled adventure! As easy as it is to look out the window, the weather where the pumpkin patch resides may be drastically different from where you are. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

2. Call Ahead and Avoid Busy Hours:
A quick call ahead to wherever you plan on going for the day is just as important as avoiding high traffic hours. Moreover, a quick call or google search can help you and your loved ones avoid convoluted crowds to limit the risks of infection. More often than not, mornings are a great time to explore your favourite trails and local attractions!

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