Continuing your education as you age

Education has traditionally been something for the young to help them prepare for their careers and their adult life. However, this isn’t the case any more and many groups, including the World Health Organization, recommend active aging with lifelong learning. Gone are the days of an excuse, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” when the benefits of continued learning have been proven.

Some observed benefits of lifelong learning include: higher reported levels of happiness, a stronger sense of purpose, a drive and motivation to stay active, and a more fulfilling social life just to name a few.

Continued Senior Education

Lifelong learning doesn’t have to include just formal education, or even just learning new facts or knowledge. Here are just a few ways you can continue your education as you age to keep your mind fresh and active in your senior years.

  • College or university courses
    You always have the option of taking a more traditional approach and enrol in a local course that interests you. These days you can take courses in almost anything, from Graphic Novel studies and Introductory Art classes to Classical Literature and Advanced Economics. Visit your local campus or jump online and take a look at what is available

    • Online courses are another great option if there isn’t a university campus located near you. You get all the same benefits of the courses but on your terms and time
  • Physical lessons
    If sitting in a classroom isn’t your style, try taking something more physical. There are many local dance classes you’ll be able to sign up for, or try a martial arts class if you’re up for it. Even something less strenuous like aqua aerobics will be new and challenging for you to master and will help keep you fit
  • Pick up a new hobby
    Maybe there is something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Well in retirement you have no excuses. Try buying a kite and mastering flying it in a light breeze. Or create a world of your own design with miniature models of anything you can think of from recreating historic battles, to complete fantasy realms, or a collection of classic cars. Open your imagination and let it run
  • Learn a new language
    Today there are many ways you can learn a new language including courses, audio books, and online programs or apps. This is a great way to engage your brain and has the added benefit of opening your world and travel options as well. At the same time you’ll learn about new cultures and expand your horizons

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