Caregivers Need Breaks Too!

Working as a caregiver for the elderly can be a thankless job. People in this role often work long hours with little pay in tough working conditions. Sounds tough right?

Unlike exhaustion or tiredness, which can be fixed through more sleep or a better routine, burnout is more of an overwhelming feeling of fatigue in all areas of life. It can quickly morph from unhappiness at work, to unhappiness and irritability in all areas of life.

It’s important for anyone in this role to remember that they don’t need to do it all on their own!

Signs a Caregiver is burnt out

Below are some signs that a caregiver is burnt out and needs a break.

  • No interest in previous hobbies
  • They’ve isolated themselves from family or friends. When a caregiver is feeling too tired to socialize it may be time to get away for a break.
  • Inconsistent eating
  • Bad sleeping patterns and irritability
even caretakers need breaks too

Caregivers that are burnt out often just need a break and they’ll be fully back to their normal, caring selves. Unfortunately it is not always easy to get time away from the responsibilities of caregiving. Aside from the guilt of needing a break there is also the question of who will look after the patient for the time the primary caregiver is away.

If you or someone you know is in this position, try looking into some senior living facilities and other organizations that have programs and plans to help fulfill this need. There are many out there!

Many of them offer temporary care. This includes short term help that offers the caregiver the opportunity to get away for a day, weekend or a little longer.

Managing day-to-day Stress

Because there never seems to be enough time for caregivers in their day-to-day responsibilities, there are some simple exercises and activities that can be done that help manage the stress.

  • Breathing exercises can calm and focus the mind
  • Reassess patient needs!
    • Often time’s patients can handle more than you think if you let me. This technique will also allow you to take a second to breathe during the day.
  • Do a relaxing activity with the patient
    • This can be anything that allows you to relax, as well as keeps the patient focused and entertained

It is important for those looking after others to have a proper balance, and not be overrun with the responsibility of their job.

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