Best Summer Activities For You and Your Senior Loved Ones

The most joyous and enjoyable time of the year is here, the summer season. The weather has become more humid, everyone is wearing shorts, and sunscreen becomes a necessity. Summer time is prime time for outdoor activities, hanging with the family and getting some fresh air. Despite the weather being warmer, this time of the year is ideal for seniors to participate in activities and make the most out of their gorgeous days.

With that in mind, it is important to take advantage of our beautiful landscape as there is so much that can be done on a daily basis. In this blog, you can read through our hand-picked list of fun and connecting summer activities which you and your loved ones can enjoy together.

Nature Walks And Sightseeing

Going outside often promotes light exercise and safe socializing, which are both important factors towards a healthy senior lifestyle. Whether it be lengthy hikes or a quick speed walk around the neighbourhood, walking helps to maintain cardio for both you and your loved ones. It is also the best possible way to take in all the aromas and environment that surrounds you. Often try and plan out days dedicated to visiting specific areas in order to sight-see with your loved ones. Keep in mind, sometimes seniors suffer from allergies and need to be given a little extra care.

Gardening And Fruit Picking

Gardening is one of the most popular and enjoyable outdoor activities for seniors. Spending time in a vibrant garden is a great way for loved ones to remain active and maintain strength and flexibility. By sharing the experience of a beautiful garden, you and your loved ones both benefit physically and mentally.

Fruit picking is also an amazing way to get out and take in some fresh air while participating in mild exercise. If you live in an area that is more agricultural, you or your loved one could swing by local berry farms and shops. Plus, you get a yummy reward from your berry-picking efforts!

Late Night Coffee Or Dessert

One of the best features summer weather has to offer are the perfectly warm and bright nights. You can remain in shorts and a tee until 9pm, while it’s still nice and light out. This is the ideal weather to grab dessert or relax at a coffee and sweets shop. Sitting on a patio with a beautiful sky and a delicious treat gives you and your loved one a lot to talk about. Help them feel as if they’re enjoying an evening frappè in a warm Europe destination; they would appreciate it much more than you could imagine!

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