5 Foods That Are Great For Arthritis Relief

Continuing with September’s theme of arthritis awareness, Care At Home Services would like to share with you the top 5 foods to ease arthritis symptoms. While it’s not necessarily possible to prevent arthritis by eating these foods, consuming them can ease inflammation and relief joint pain associated with arthritis.


Garlic is one of the most powerful health foods known to humans. The very components of garlic are known to have cancer-fighting properties and anti-inflammatory benefits. These same components also contain compounds crucial to the prevention of heart disease, arthritis, and dementia.

Additionally, garlic has been found to enhance the function of certain immune cells, which helps combat general illness. Include a good amount of garlic to your everyday diet to take advantage of its full health effects.


One of the most disliked vegetables by kids is also coincidentally one of the healthiest. Broccoli is proven to have anti-inflammatory effects and can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. An animal study has found sulforaphane, a component of the make-up of broccoli, has been found to reduce certain inflammatory markers in the body that contributes to rheumatoid arthritis.

Unlike other items on this list, broccoli is perhaps the only one with no downsides of having too-much-of. Integrate it into your diet as much as possible!

Fatty Fish

Fish, particularly those high in omega-3 fatty acids, have been found to exceed in anti-inflammatory effects. Breeds such as salmon, sardines, trout, and mackerel are a few examples of fatty fish.

Vitamin D is also abundant in the above types of fish, which helps the body prevent deficiency. Several studies have found arthritis to be correlated with low vitamin D in the body, which could further contribute to symptoms if not attended to. It is recommended to include at least 2 servings of fatty fish into your diet every week to take full advantage of its anti-inflammatory effects.


At this point in the list, it goes without saying that if a food contains an abundance of anti-inflammatory properties, it’s good for fending off arthritis. Walnuts, aside from doing very well in the anti-inflammatory department, is also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to decrease the symptoms of arthritis.

We suggest having 3-5 walnuts a day if possible as a dietary supplement.


Containing tons of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, berries are the ultimate choice when it comes to a healthy snack (on par with walnuts). A study has found that those who eat at least 2 servings of strawberries a week were 14% less likely to have an increased level of inflammatory markers in their bloodstream.

Berries are also rich in rutin and quercetin, which are 2 plant properties that are very beneficial to a person’s health. Try to integrate as much berries into your diet as possible within reason. While berries can be very beneficial for your health, depending on the type of berry they may also be high in sugar contents.

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