3 Things For Seniors To Do During Self-Isolation

Partake in Physical Activities

If you or a loved one already has a regular fitness routine, it could be frustrating to have to give up a beneficial yoga or fitness class. However, staying at home doesn’t mean you still can’t remain physically and mentally active. If your loved ones have access to a home gym, whether that means a treadmill or a yoga mat and some weights, strive to get into a regular exercise routine. Even 30 minutes a day, for a few days a week, can do wonders for your loved ones’ physical and mental health. If you aren’t sure where to start, maybe help by looking into a free or paid online program, like Down Dog, that provides low-intensity workouts that are simple and effective.

If you or a loved one haven’t been exercising regularly, or face mobility challenges, something as simple as stretching and walking around the house every hour could be very beneficial. If they are capable of going up and down the stairs, or using light hand weights, these types of exercises can also be great towards one’s health. Regularly exercising is part of maintaining a healthy immune system, and that’s currently a top priority for everyone in your family.

Try and Experience New Hobbies

With more time available to invest in hobbies and activities, self-isolation is a great opportunity to discover new and creative ways to spend time. Use this opportunity to try new things, whether that means arts & crafts, cooking, baking, poetry writing, or even knitting. The internet is full of helpful tutorials and instructional classes for typically every skill or activity that seniors would love. With that said, do some research for the ones who matter most and choose something new and exciting to incorporate into both your daily routines while being quarantined.

Shopping for required supplies to learn new hobbies during self-isolation can prove to be difficult, especially if you or a loved one faces mobility challenges. However, even if stores aren’t open near you, most mail-order services are still in operation, putting everything from puzzles to paints at your fingertips. Not only that, your loved one would greatly appreciate you taking the time out of your day to gather supplies for them, just make sure it’s sanitized!

Everyone Loves Spring Cleaning

Often, the rush of daily life can put off keeping you or a loved one’s home as organized as one may like. Whether it’s work, social plans or daily chores, it’s not always easy to make time for household tasks. However, isolation gives seniors a bit more spare time to tackle the kinds of obstacles that can otherwise get forgotten about.

For example, now may be the perfect time to reorganize a basement or switch up a closet, looking for possible things to donate or upgrade. Perhaps there’s space in yours or a loved one’s backyard for a garden that can bloom fruits and vegetables in the spring, or extra space in a garage to assemble shelves for better storage options. No matter the tasks you have in mind for the ones you care about most, there is plenty of time to get a head start and keep busy while self-isolated.

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