Technology For Seniors: What tech do seniors love

Technology For Seniors: What tech do seniors love

Many seniors fear new technology, worrying that it will be too complicated for the to learn to use, or that they will somehow break the expensive equipment. Let us put those fears to rest with our list of gear that is great for seniors. Many new tablets and smart phones have features built in to help seniors get the most out of them and enjoy connecting with younger family members at the same time.

The best tech for seniors
  • Tablets: The most popular tablet is the Apple iPad and this device is a favorite amongst seniors. Letting you play games, chat with family, check emails, and so much more with Apple’s signature user friendly interface. Settings can be changed to increase text size and icon size to make it easier for seniors to use, and by changing the settings or downloading apps you won’t break the device so it is fairly safe to use without worry.

    The beauty of using tablets is that they work with or include many other tech on this list making them a great all-in-one option for seniors.
  • Health Trackers: Things like FitBit or Apple Watch can give a wealth of health information to seniors and the health care team when worn daily. Working with a tablet or smart phone these wearable devices, which look like a nice digital watch, make it easy to see how active you’ve been, track your heart rate, and more depending on the specific device. The added benefit is that in the last year or two the prices have dropped on these devices making them affordable for most.
  • Wireless home monitoring: This one might be the most trendy entry on the list. As more and more companies are looking at ways to use smart phones and tablets to help automate our lives, home automation is making advances every day. The most popular device is NEST, an automatic thermostat that learns how you use it and adjusts the temperature throughout the day to maximize your home.

    Another popular device is Amazon’s Alexa, which is a voice controlled device that can re-order products for you on Amazon, play music, or look up information online, simply by asking it a question.
  • GPS: One of the older technologies on this list it is one of the most used in day to day life. Built into every smartphone now, you simply input your destination and hit go for step by step instructions, that use other GPS device data to find stoppages or blockages in your route and help you get there on time. If you don’t have a smartphone you can still buy stand alone devices that use satellite signals to help you get there.
  • Skype: Another classic tech that is still widely used today. Skype let’s you have face to face conversations with your loved ones and friends who might not leave nearby any more. This favorite is used by Grandparents to check in on their Grandkids across the country, or even just down the road. All you need is a device connected to the internet and a camera connected to that device to stream your face to your friends and family.

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