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Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s


Caring for Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s When a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, caring for them takes patience. The disease affects people’s ability to handle daily tasks, but luckily there are ways to help them maintain their dignity and sense of independence by using practical solutions. The three things to remember when planning [...]

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Early Signs of Alzheimer’s In Seniors


Early Signs of Alzheimer’s In Seniors As parents and grandparents in your life become older, it’s normal for certain signs of aging to naturally occur like decreased mobility and some memory loss. Certain studies have shown that about 40 percent of people over the age of 65 experience some form of memory loss. But [...]

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Brain Awareness Week


Brain Awareness Week Brain health is a topic we have covered extensively here at Care At Home Services. From Brain Games, Alzheimer’s Research and Dementia Risk Prevention, to Continuing Your Education and Brain Terms & Knowledge, we know that mental health is important to living a long and fulfilling life. A great resource [...]

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Continuing your education as you age


Continuing your education as you age Education has traditionally been something for the young to help them prepare for their careers and their adult life. However, this isn’t the case any more and many groups, including the World Health Organization, recommend active aging with lifelong learning. Gone are the days of an excuse, [...]

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Advancements in Alzheimer’s Research


Advancements in Alzheimer’s Research Alzheimer’s Disease affects approximately 747,000 Canadians and is something we have touched on in our past post: Tips to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s and Dimentia. It is a disease the for a long time seemingly had no preventative measures and no cure in sight. However in the past few [...]

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Brain Games for Seniors


Brain Games for Seniors While many seniors will never show any signs of cognitive decline, there is a growing number that do experience a loss of skills and abilities to varying degrees as they age. While this can’t always be prevented, with cases like Alzheimer's or other debilitating diseases, there are many ways [...]

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Senior Mental Health Awareness


Senior Mental Health Awareness This week is World Mental Illness Awareness Week. In the last few years Canadians have made great strides in discussing and recognizing mental illness, but it is still a big issue for many that goes untreated or undiagnosed due to social stigmas and lack of awareness. Dementia and Depression [...]

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