3 Tips for Stroke Prevention


3 Tips for Stroke Prevention Age and predisposition to a family history of strokes are the primary vulnerabilities individuals have when it comes to their chances of having a stroke. Since strokes affect so many of us and seemingly come out of nowhere, it may have left you wondering if there are any preventative [...]

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The Risks and Symptoms of a Stroke


The Risks and Symptoms of a StrokeIt is reported that women are more likely than men to be a victim of stroke. In fact, one in five women will have a stroke in their lifetime. Fortunately, four out of five strokes are preventable by seeing your doctor every year.A stroke is caused by an interruption [...]

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Dementia Action Week


Dementia Action Week Dementia Action Week (DAW), originally known as Dementia Awareness Week, is taking place from May 20th to the 26th. DAW announced that this years’ goal is to “encourage people to take action to improve the lives of those affected by dementia and create a dementia-friendly environment where those with dementia do [...]

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